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N.C. Families Opt For Water-Based Cremations to Help Environment

By Ashley Claster Triad
PUBLISHED 10:48 PM ET Jan. 17, 2020

CLEMMONS, N.C. - There's burial, there's flame cremation, and now there's another option in North Carolina - Aquamation.

  • Aquamation is a new end-of-life option in North Carolina

  • It does not use fossil fuels, uses less energy and has less of an environmental impact

  • It was made legal in North Carolina in October 2018

Unlike regular cremation, it doesn't use any fossil fuels. Aquamation also uses less than 5 percent of the electricity as flame cremation.

David Reese with EternaCare in Clemmons said his funeral service is one of only two places in the state to offer this green alternative.

"A traditional burial impacts the environment for many many, many decades,” Reese said. "Flame cremation still has a huge environmental impact, but it's not quite as long as earth burial. With Aquamation, there isn't any environmental impact. It's very peaceful. It's not an acid. It's not boiling. It's 95 percent water and a little less than 5 percent sodium and potassium."

Jane Becker of Winston-Salem used Aquamation for her husband, Ralph, last month. She also plans to have the same process for herself later.

“I think the environmental is so important. I get very upset with the number of burials there are,” Becker said. “To me, having a peaceful water cremation is better than being burned or buried."

The process isn't new, but as more people become environmentally conscious, it's risen in popularity. In fact, North Carolina only made it legal in October 2018.

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