EternaCare is the first deathcare service provider in the Piedmont NC to offer an environmentally friendly, waterbased, peaceful, serene solution to replace the eco-hazardous, aggressive and vigorous processes of Flame Cremation. It is called:

EternaMation (Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis)

    EternaCare strives to simplifies deathcare decisions with a less stressful, peaceful arrangement making process. We help provide peace of mind with our guidance, direction and decades of public service experience.  We give financially responsible and logical options while protecting the environment for future generations. It’s why we’ve become the premier deathcare provider for the Piedmont.  


     Back in the 80’s EternaCare’s founder, David Reese was serving the public with an effort to offer more choices than just traditional burials and standard funeral services. He also wanted to help reduce the enviromental impacts that casket and vault type earth burials created.    At that time, Flame Cremation was a better environmental choice over burial, but still had eco-impact. The public accepted this needed change but the funeral industry initally fought his vision and direction. But soon, were calling on him, his facilities and equipment to provide flame cremations for their families as well.   Fast forward to 2020. Equipment designs and technolgy capabilities have greatly improved since those early days. This has David, once again, stepping up as an industry pioneer.

With EternaMation we now provide a cleaner, sanitary, gentle, water based alternative from Flame Cremation. This brings peace of mind. Not to mention protects our precious air & environment more than any other current form of final disposition.


Some people think of EternaMation...

as an enhanced version of the natural, peaceful, calm ebb and flow of the ocean.

     Flame Cremation is an antiquated form of disposition. It is not only aggressive, but also harsh for the environment. The amount of gases, chemicals, vapors and solid particulates it releases into the environment is avoidable. Not to mention the anguish of the process.


     The EternaMation (Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis) Process uses no fossil fuels like flame cremation and takes 90-95% less energy to operate than Flame Crematories. No organic matter, solids, chemical vapors or ashes escape from smoke chimneys into the surrounding communities. With EternaMation, the water gently flows, circulating in a sanitary, stainless steel basket using a very warm water bath that’s never “boiling”. A simply enhanced natural process. The solution is 95% water with 5% sodium and potassium.  It is an “alkali” solution and not an “acid”. The remaining sterile water solution is returned to the ecosystem via the usual water managment pathways without a burden on local water treatment facilities. The EternaMation process nutralizes the embalming chemicals, diseases and medicines. It produces an eco-friendly mix of amino acids, sugars, nutrients, minerals, salts, inerts and soap in a water solution. These are also the by products of the natural, long term process. Our bodies are up to 65% or more water, so it is the logical, responsible, tranquil decision. “EternaMation, is the natural choice”. The family also receives a cleaner cremains (ashes) back unlike the with Flame Cremation that may contain additional components such as casket/container ashes, fabric ashes, metals potential hearth chips and chemical residues. 

     Here are your preferred options: When making pre-plans or when death occurs, call EternaCare at 336-383-1770. We will help you with any services you may need or question you may have, 24/7/365. We offer the public: EternaMations (Alkaline Hydrolysis) Funerals, Services and Direct Burials Flame Cremations (If preferred by family.) Pre-Planning, Consulting & Arrangements.   We take care of the neccessary filings, notifications, prepare the death certificates, secure authorizations and the like.  


     The EternaMation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) process has been used by the UCLA Med School since 1995 and The Mayo Clinic since 2005.  


     Presently, we are the first and only such service provider based in the triad area. We can provide any additional services you may need such as embalmings & funerals. If you have pre-arrangements with another service provider, upon death, they may be transferred to us with any remaining balance returned to the family or estate.

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