EternaCare was first registered with the NC secretary of state office in 2001. We are an authorized training facility for those seeking mortuary science licensing in North Carolina through residency apprenticeships. We have received our Federal Trademark registration for EternaCare and are in the process of expanding our "Caskets for Heroes" and "The Newest Angel" programs across the US.
Our founder, David Reese, is a pioneer within the funeral industry. In 1988 he and his father Charles Reese were one of the first to provide services outside of the traditional funeral home setting. Since then, the funeral industry has changed dramatically due to his providing responsibly priced cremation services. What began as an idea to assist those in the community that want an alternative to the high cost of traditional funerals has now completely altered the direction of an entire industry. Almost 30 years later, many "copy-cat" cremation providers exist using his business model and fee structures.  EternaCare is an extension of that initial vision with the intention growing nationwide with his "Responsibly Priced" Services and his "Caskets for Heroes" and "The Newest Angel" programs.
David Reese

Founder and Owner. David Reese.

In the 1980’s David and his father, Charles Reese, were pioneers in the funeral industry. They started Cremation Services, Inc. as the 1st alternative choice from traditional funeral providers for service and responsible pricing.   It’s over 30 years later and their business model, is still replicated by flame cremation providers locally as well nationwide for operation methods and pricing structures.  Several years ago, David started EternaCare with the goal of once again changing the deathcare industry for the better, with peace of mind and our environment the focus.   David is the first Funeral Director, DeathCare Practitioner that serves the Piedmont Triad to offer EternaMation. (Alkaline Hydrolysis)   He is a Mortuary Science honors graduate at Commonwealth, Houston TX, he attended UNC Chapel Hill and is currently enrolled in extension studies at Harvard University seeking a graduate degree.  David is available to provide you: At need services, Consulting, As well assist in pre-planning, group discussions & seminars.

David Reese at Commonwealth Graduation Ceremony June 2017

We appreciate the support of the community and thank you for calling upon us to provide deathcare services. We maintain fees that are substantially lower than the traditional funeral homes. This is achieved by our frugal and responsible business practices. Please note that all licensed funeral establishments can equally serve your family. We just choose to be conservative and not charge for services or facilities that aren't necessary, such as a fleet of limousines or 500 seat chapels.

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